What is a co-op? here

What is the class size/ teacher ratio? toddlers   preschool

What does a daily schedule look like? here

What does extended care look like? here

What are the responsibilities as a parent helper? here

What are the obligations as a parent in the co-op? here

What does play-based learning model look like? here

What is conscious discipline? here

Can you use conscious discipline at home? Yes! Our directors have provided parent trainings to help parents use the power of positive language and understanding to continue building language and empathy in their home. Many parents find this training highly valuable. Using common language that is used at school promotes desired behaviors. It is not required to attend these trainings.

How are the classrooms designed? here

How is the outdoor space utilized? here

What does multi-age classroom mean https://www.ipcp.org/our/

Are there any additional costs after tuition? We do request that parents make a contribution to our annual auction. We also provide our teachers with gifts on their birthdays and occasional luncheons. These are paid for by parents through a one-time donation and are managed by the personnel committee members.