Our commitment to being green goes beyond just our green spaces. We have a real focus on fostering sustainability and providing a healthy environment for our children. Both of our facilities received “Grants to Green Community Foundation” grants that allowed us to make many green renovations.  Below are some ways we do this:

  • Automatic sensor water faucets in the children’s bathrooms, low-flow toilets and sinks and tankless water heaters save water

  • We use low VOC paint and our rugs and counters are formaldehyde-free

  • Programmable thermostats reduce energy consumption when buildings are not in use

  • Avoiding use of pressure-treated lumber for kid surfaces, such as picnic tables, keeps harmful chemicals away from our children

  • Working with environmentally sensitive vendors for services such as pest control and cleaning help us take care of our campus with nature-based products

  • All classrooms have recycling and composting programs and allow us to integrate these core values with the curriculum and teach the children about life cycle awareness

  • Upgrades to our heating and cooling systems have made them more efficient, reduced energy consumption and operating expenses and improved indoor air quality

  • Taking a systems-approach to the renovation of the Edgewood building in 2008 allowed us to invest a relatively small amount more in some areas to offset the size of the new, more efficient heating and air conditioning system

  • The eggs from our chickens – and much of the food we grow in our Outdoor Classroom – are eaten by the students and families of IPCP.

And most importantly, our curriculum reinforces the importance of caring for the Earth so that our children can then carry this with them throughout their lives.