IPCP tuition is paid in ten (10) monthly payments starting with an enrollment fee in May, then nine monthly payments August through April. Below is the current tuition schedule.

Class Days Annual
Enrollment Fee
Balance Monthly
    Toddler         2 Days         $3,240     $324 $2,916 $324
Toddler 3 Days $4,700 $470 $4,230 $470
Toddler 5 Days $7,630 $763 $6,867 $763
Multiage 2 Days $2,980 $298 $2,682 $298
Multiage 3 Days $4,280 $428 $3,852 $428
Multiage 4 Days $5,610 $561 $5,049 $561
Multiage 5 Days $6,920 $692 $6,228 $692

*9 payments, August - April

ExtendedCare Pricing

If your child uses the BeforeCare and/or AfterCare program on a regular basis, you can save money by filling out a monthly ExtendedCare Request Form and prepaying for the care you estimate you will use in the upcoming month.  Please note: Families will receive the pre-paid rates only if the ExtendedCare Request Forms are returned by the 20th of the month prior to using these hours.

Current rates for 2018-2019 school year (rates are subject to change):

  • If you prepay and pre-schedule ExtendedCare time for the upcoming month: $8.00/hour

  • If you do not pre-pay and pre-schedule Extended-Care time: $10.00/hour 

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available and applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. For priority consideration, we request that you submit applications by April 15 for the following school year.