Play is the child’s medium for learning and development. Our teachers design rich, developmentally appropriate settings for this play that ensures opportunities for safe and active exploration.

Every child is a curious, independent learner. Our teachers provide an environment in which children are encouraged to make choices and become enthusiastic, self-confident, and inquisitive learners.

Each child creates his/her own learning experience by exploring and manipulating the environment and interacting with the world around them. Our teachers support and enrich the children’s play so the process of discovery can occur.

Physical development occurs through repeated opportunities to use the body in various ways. Our teachers ensure that physical activity is an integral part of our program.

Relating to peers and adults in a group setting is an important part of a young child’s preschool experience. Developing positive relationships is the basic building block in guiding children to become confident, life-long learners who respect themselves, each other, and their community.

Each child is unique and brings his/her strengths and challenges to any situation. Our programs are designed to respect, accommodate, support, and respond to each child while creating a sense of cooperation and belonging within a community.

Teaching a reverence and respect for one another, communities and ecosystems cannot be more powerfully taught than in a “living Outdoor Classroom.”  Our outdoor spaces have been designed as a place for children to learn to care for each other and for nature.